My name is Ina. I live in Sweden with my girlfriend, our cat and about 70 plants. I started out as @plantsandwatercolour on Instagram in december 2016 to have a space to share my passion for plants, to follow other plant people and get inspired to make my home even more green! I also wanted a place to show my artwork that is almost a 100% plant related. I work mostly with watercolours (as my name reveals) but I like to try out some digital art from time to time.

I sell my arts as prints and occasionally I print t-shirts too. Check out my Etsy shop.

I started this blog as a complement to my Instagram account and here I will do my best to show alot of pretty pictures but also dig in deeper on plants, how to care for them and so on.

If you want to come in contact with me - you can do it HERE.